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We are a growing group of Veterinary Clinics committed to providing quality, accessible and affordable healthcare for pets.  Our vision is to provide the care which pets themselves would choose, delivered by passionate team members in an environment which will prevent and alleviate unnecessary fear, anxiety, and stress. 

We know pets, and we know how important they are to their families. We have modern clinics designed to be pet and client centric and have taken the time to consider details which make a real difference to our pets, our clients, and our teams.

We truly believe in our purpose to deliver the level of care pets themselves would choose.  We chose our name as we are an independently owned family business, we see our teams as a part of our family, and we see yourselves and your pets as family too.

To help succeed in our goal to make our clinics as pet centric as possible, all of our team members are accredited ‘Fear Free’ professionals. Fear Free is a recognised educational programme widely used in the USA used to train those who care for pets to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in our patients. Our clinics are filled with team members who truly want what is best for the pets, in the most accessible and affordable way, with no compromise in quality or care.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand what they mean to you, and what want is needed in Veterinary practice.  We deliver warmth, empathy, and we really do strive to care for your pets as if they were our own.  We want to provide value for money,  and for you to know that what we do is the best for your pets, not for our pockets.

We have designed our reception spaces to be modern, spacious, and welcoming for both you and your pets, with individual waiting pods to provide privacy, and reduce stress which can come from pets being able to see each other in traditional waiting rooms. Each pod is fitted with a digital screen filled with interesting pet facts, and this design has meant that we have removed archaic reception desks and allows our front of house teams to interact more easily with your pets.

UK’s ‘Fear Free’ first

UK’s ‘Fear Free’ first

Harrison Family Vets, Reading has become the first practice outside North America to achieve Fear Free Veterinary Practice Certification. Read more>>>

The Total Wellness Plan

The Total Wellness Plan

From as little £4.96 a week for dogs, saving over £200 per year, the Total Wellness Plan has been specifically developed to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Fear FREE Practice

Fear FREE Practice

Here at Harrison Family Vets, we really do believe that Pets are family. We know all too well that some pets find the trip to the vets incredibly stressful and fear inducing! Read more>>>

Providing quality, accessible & affordable healthcare for pets.

Total Wellness Plan

Health plans are nothing new to our industry and are predominantly cost saving in nature.  Our fantastic Total Wellness Plan not only reduces cost for routine preventative products and services, but more importantly eliminates veterinary consult fees completely and introduces a yearly comprehensive physical examination including blood and urine screening to pick up any subtle indicators of early disease. The plan exists to remove barriers to care, and help pets live longer, healthier lives.

Fear Free

We understand that pets are part of the family, so as standard our teams are accredited ‘Fear Free’ professionals who can prevent and alleviate potential fear and stress experienced by your pets during their visit.  To achieve this, amongst many other things, our ward areas have classical music playing and softer lighting than that of clinical areas, plus stress-relieving pheromone plug ins are used throughout our wards and wider clinic.  We understand the differing needs of species and as such our cat wards have individual hideaway units so that they may feel more secure, weighing scales are covered with fake grass to be more appealing to our canine patients, and we obviously use an abundance of delicious and distracting treats to distract to make the journey as stress free as possible for all.

We take time with our pets and like to get to know each individually, using pre visit questionnaires to highlight any fears or dislikes your pet may have, and we complete an emotional health record which our teams refer to and update at each visit.

Family owned and independent

Being family owned is important to us, it gives us security, trust and ensures we are aligned in our vision and mission to deliver not only our key principles, Quality, Integrity, Passion, and Growth, but the kind of veterinary practice that we are passionate about and are proud to own. It means that we can make our own decisions, are not told what we can and cannot do be faceless owners nor how much money we can spend or make. This gives us the freedom to do the best we can by our clinics, our team members, our clients, and importantly, your pets.


Total Wellness Plans

Total Wellness Plans

From as little £4.62 a week, saving over £200 per year, the Total Wellness Plan has been specifically developed to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Vets In Doncaster, Kingswinford, Didsbury, Reading, Stockton & Tyldesley

Vets in Doncaster, Kingswinford, Didsbury, Reading, Stockton & Tyldesley

We are a family owned, independent vets providing quality, accessible & affordable healthcare., and we’re looking forward to giving you and your pet a warm and friendly welcome.